Student Stories – Danielle Katz: Live from the PPP…It’s Musical Season

Danielle Katz looking over an ad contract

One of Danielle Katz’s many jobs for the musical is processing the advertising contracts for the playbill.

Not live from the Poplar Pike Playhouse, it’s the weekly Danielle Katz blog post.

I feel like my life has been like Saturday Night Live lately, full of a crazy sense of humor and going from one thing to another in a small amount of time. But that sounds much worse than it actually is. I’ve been switching from writing teacher biographies for the playbill, to proofreading, to box office, to advertising work. Most of the work has been recurring, similar to recurring sketches on SNL.

The teacher biographies are fun to write because you get to learn more about a teacher’s past that you may not have known before. For example, I learned that Ms. Argodale, our set construction coordinator, has an extensive background in music, math, and of course, carpentry. Ms. La Bate, one of our costume designers and art teachers at GHS, designed costumes for theatrical productions in Nashville before moving to Memphis. Proofreading has become busier since the typesetters are receiving more and more ads to put in the draft of the playbill. We accomplished a lot last weekend. I’m so proud of the people on the proofreading crew that have helped out so far.

Tickets have gone on sale here at the PPP, and I am very excited for more people to buy tickets! If you call us, maybe you’ll end up talking to me. If you’re a student at GHS, be on the look out for Fine Arts Student Night discount coupons coming soon. Michaela Amos, my co-box office chairman for Hairspray, and I will finish making the coupons by the end of the week.

Last but not least, it’s time for the advertising update. More ads than I expected to get have come in this week, giving me much hope that we will reach our goal. We’ve been doing a lot of processing, filing and depositing, but the class needs to make one final large push to hit the goal and make Hairspray as amazing as, if not more amazing than, our past productions have been.

Back to the SNL theme, I’d like to thank the musical guests and the proofreading, box office and advertising crews. Thanks to everyone in the cast and on any other crews as well. (Plot twist) For the Poplar Pike Playhouse and Germantown Community Television, I’m Danielle Katz. Have a great day!


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